San Andrés is the first and the only, Melbourne born, street jewellery brand in Australia. Established in 2017, we design and handcraft premium Men's jewellery.

We are 'raised by the street', so form and function in our design is crucial to us. We use patented premium metal and materials, in conjunction with our quality workmanship and fine attention to detail to be the ultimate masters of our craft.

We believe the good work shouldn't stop after we've delivered your jewellery. Sustainable, ethical practices are crucial to us. We use 95% recycle-able packaging and the least possible amount of plastics to minimise our footprint. Your San Andrés order is delivered by 100% carbon neutral delivery services to further offset our impact. 

We actively work to ensure our social impact is always positive. San Andrés is an all-inclusive small business. We stand for justice, equality, honesty, fairness and respect for all living things. Feel free to contact us anytime to ask us about anything!